Craving Sugar? 3 Alerts Your Physique Could Be Sending, In accordance To An RD


Spikes and dips in blood sugar may very well be responsible to your sudden and powerful sugar cravings. “When your blood sugar ranges drop, your physique will attempt to get your blood sugar again up, so it’s going to crave extra meals,” Sleymann explains within the video. 

Junk food may be to blame for these blood sugar fluctuations, dietary psychiatrist Georgia Ede, M.D., as soon as advised mbg. Extremely processed sugars and carbs are extra shortly digested and absorbed into the physique, resulting in blood sugar spikes and, after all, subsequent drops. 

To keep away from the drop, Sleymann recommends including extra protein and fiber-rich carbs to your meals. These vitamins are extra slowly digested and assist hold blood sugar ranges stabilized, she says. In addition they hold you feeling fuller, longer.