Live Without Compromise: How We’re Refreshing Our Routine This Spring


Spring and summer are the quintessential seasons for kicking back and soaking up the sun with people we love. More times than not, that also involves cracking open a cold beer (or two) to loosen up. As much as we love this ritual, sometimes a nice buzz takes more than the edge off. The late-night snacks and too-little-sleep that often come with drinking tend to compromise our health and wellness goals.

That’s why this spring, we’re boosting our wellness routine with one simple change: drinking healthier. This new intention was inspired by Athletic Brewing Co, a company that makes all-natural, nonalcoholic craft beers. With these brews, we can keep the ritual of an ice-cold bevvy but also enjoy the perks of a clear mind and healthier body.

But it’s more than that. You know how half the fun of drinking a high-quality beer is conversing about the craft, fruity notes, and hops? (Even if we’re just pretending to know what we’re talking about.) You don’t lose any of that with Athletic nonalcoholic beers. They’re crafted with all the nuance of a regular beer, meaning you can still use words like “malt” and “sessionable.”