Tiny Steps Add Up


Folks say, “What’s the sense of our small effort?” They can not see that we should lay one brick at a time, take one step at a time–. Dorothy Day

I feel the nice social activist Dorothy Day meant this within the context of fixing the world. It jogs my memory of the story of an previous man in Mexico, at a seashore the place a storm has left 1000’s of starfish stranded above excessive tide the place they may die with out assist. He’s patiently choosing them up separately and throwing them into the water. A youthful man says “why hassle, look what number of of them there are, how are you going to probably make a distinction?” The previous man picks up a starfish, throws it within the water, and replies “I made a distinction to that one”.

However our “small effort” may check with altering ourselves. Although breaking dangerous habits or previous conditioning can appear a frightening activity, sufficient child steps will finally add up.