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Basil Essential Oil Facts for Health and Wellness Benefits

Nov 19

Basil essential oils may not be all created equal. However, a quality brand that is focused on purity and has incredibly powerful properties can be used for a variety of purposes. Basil ( ocimum Basilicum oil) smells just like Italian food. It can also be used topically. So eat first.

The oil is used primarily for joint, respiratory, and muscular support. However, the oil is much more potent than the leaves because of its potency. The oil from steam-distilled leaves, stems and flowers contains more compounds than those found in fresh or dried leaves.

Basil Essential Oil Facts

There are five main chemotypes found in basil essential oil:

1. Linalool

2. Methyl chavicol

3. Methyl eugenol

4. Methyl cinnamate

5. Eugenol

Basil Oil Primary Benefits

Massages for sore joints and muscles

Assists with clear breath

Cools the skin

Increases mental alertness and reduces anxiety

Basil Essential Oil Emotional Benefits

Basil essential oil can be used to calm and soothe emotions and fears. Basil essential oils are calming and strengthening for the heart and mind. They can also help with stress and fatigue and aid in the recovery from addiction.

Complementary Oils for Basil

Basil is a good combination with Cypress, White Fir and Geranium essential oils. You can substitute this oil with: Wild Orange, Spearmint and Thyme depending on the purpose.

Basil Essential Oil: Precautions

Keep out of the reach of children. Consult your doctor if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or receiving medical care. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears and sensitive areas.

Basil Essential Oil: Popular Uses

Focus on reading or studying with clarity by diffusing.

Use it to treat minor skin irritations. Use fractionated coconut oil to treat sensitive skin.

Apply to sore or fatigued muscles and joints.

Apply topically or diffuse to improve clear breathing.

Basil essential oils can be applied topically to the feet, or diffused aromatically to combat fatigue.

For flavor, substitute dried or fresh basil with 1-3 drops.

As needed, you can use aromatherapy or massage the solar plexus and your heart to reduce fear.

Essential Oil Characteristics and Extraction Method

Basil is steam-distilled from the flowers and leaves of Ocimum Basilicum. Basil essential oil has a sweet, herbal, penetrating, and uplifting scent that can be used as an undertone in perfumes. Basil essential oil has a mild anise-like scent due to its high methylchavicol content.

Sweet basil essential oil has a pale yellow color and is clear. It is transparent and very liquid.

The exotic basil essential oil is a pale-yellow-to-pale-green liquid that has a herbaceous, camphorous top note as well as an intense anise undertone.

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