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Why Choose a Couples' Massage?

Jan 13

Why Choose a Couples' Massage?


The "love hormone," oxytocin, is released by your body when you receive a great massage. It creates a feeling of affection and love. You can feel the love and affection in your body when you have a couples massage. One of the most important benefits of a couples massage is increased affection.

Avoid unhealthy food

A Valentine's Day meal out usually involves making reservations weeks ahead (or risking a wait-in), a prix fixe menu (at a lower price for the holiday), and some champagne or other carbonated beverages. If you feel that this is the right thing to do, great! But, if your concern is about keeping on a special diet (are they doing intermittent fasting?) If you don't want to travel after drinking three glasses of champagne, or spend too much at a restaurant, a couples massage might be a good choice. It's actually good for you. So you can have a relaxing day and be happy.


Maybe you are a Marie Kondo lover. Or maybe you just prefer activities and experiences to physical objects. It's a great idea to get a couple massage.

These are tips for creating a relaxing couples massage at home.

Let's assume you're planning your romantic Valentine's Day. Now you've made the decision to have a couples massage. What should you do in order to make the most from your experience?

Get food or drink delivered

A massage is a wonderful way to relax and reduce stress. Couples massages can also help you bond. Your private oasis can be completed by ordering delicious Valentine's Day meals or stocking up on beverages and treats. If you have a limited budget, you can save money by having your home delivered. If you are unsure whether to eat or drink before or during your couples massage, most therapists recommend that you indulge in food and drinks (especially after) your massage.

Choose the right space

Make sure you choose a private area that can accommodate the massage tables. (With Massage Mesa, massage professionals bring their tables and other supplies to the salon. An area of approximately 10 by12 feet is sufficient.

Since you will be wearing light clothing during your massage, it is possible to raise the temperature by turning up the heat a little. You can close the windows if necessary.

The mood is set

For most of the massage, you will need to keep your eyes closed. However, it can be distracting to have a bright overhead lamp. Turn off overhead lighting - dimmers only - dim the room at least halfway.

Therapists will usually use their own music for massage. However, you can bring your own music. It's a good idea for therapists to know where outlets are located, in case they need them.

You may find that certain scents help you relax like lavender or vanilla. You have been looking for a diffuser, scented candle, or diffuser to use? Now is the time.



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