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Liposuction in Las Vegas: How the Doctor Chooses the Best Method

Jan 15

Las Vegas, NV is an exciting city with a lot of attractions. There are also many people who visit Las Vegas to get liposuction treatments because the doctors in Las Vegas offer some of the best methods around. One thing that you may not know about liposuction is that there are multiple different types and each method has its own pros and cons. The doctor will choose the best method for you based on your individual needs, so it can be helpful to understand more about them before making a decision.

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that removes unwanted fat from the body.

There are a few different methods that a doctor can use to perform liposuction. The most common method is called tumescent liposuction Las Vegas. In this method, the doctor injects a solution into the fatty tissue that causes it to swell. This makes it easier to remove the fat with a suction device. Another common method is ultrasound-assisted liposuction Las Vegas. With this method, the doctor uses sound waves to help break up the fat cells.

There are two types of liposuction procedures - tumescent and non-tumescent.

The tumescent liposuction Las Vegas procedure is the most common and involves injecting a large amount of saline solution into the fatty tissue before the surgery begins. This causes the area to swell, making it easier to remove the fat. The non-tumescent liposuction procedure does not involve any injections and can be used on areas that are difficult to inject, like around the face and neck. There are several factors that the doctor will consider when choosing which type of liposuction procedure to use:

  • The size and shape of the patient's body
  • The amount of fat that needs to be removed
  • Which areas need treatment
  • Whether or not there are any existing medical that could interfere with the surgery

Tumescent liposuction is done with a local anesthetic, so the patient can walk out of surgery on their own.

The doctor will give the patient a compression garment to wear after Las Vegas plastic surgery and they should see results in about three months. If you are looking for the best results, then tumescent liposuction is definitely where you should start. The first thing that people usually ask when they find out about this procedure is why it's not performed more often. The fact of the matter is that doctors can only use tumescent because patients have to be awake during surgery, which means their body needs to be prepared for pain management.

Non-tumescent liposuction requires general anesthesia, which means the patient will need to stay overnight in a hospital.

Non-tumescent liposuction Las Vegas typically requires general anesthesia, which means the patient will need to stay overnight in a hospital. Non-tumescent liposuction usually takes between one and two hours. One of the side effects can be bruised skin, but that's normally only for about six months after the procedure. It's best not to take any medication for this type of injury- justice it or put heat on it. The doctor may have you follow a meal plan before your procedure, so your stomach isn't full of food when they inject it with the anesthetic.

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