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Roman Chamomile and Cedarwood Solid Perfume Recipe to Make at Home

May 8

Every time I smell Roman Chamomile essential oil, I can’t help but imagine standing in a blossoming apple orchard, with the scent of flowers and sun-warmed apples all around. Its beautiful aroma, along with its relaxing, opening effect on the emotions, makes Roman Chamomile a wonderful essential oil for natural perfumes and for sleep roller blends!

Roman Chamomile and Cedar Solid Perfume

Here’s a solid perfume recipe with Roman Chamomile and Cedarwood. You’ll notice how much more Cedarwood there is than Roman Chamomile—that’s because Roman Chamomile has a very strong aroma. A few drops go a long way, and it likes to dominate blends it’s included in. Woodsy Cedarwood is good balance for it.

You’ll need three 1 oz (30 ml) lip balm tins for this recipe.

    ½ oz (14 g) beeswax (Cera alba)
    2 ½ oz (45 ml) jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis)
    20 drops Roman Chamomile essential oil (Chamaemelum nobile)
    40 drops Cedarwood essential oil (Juniperus virginiana)


  • Set up the “Stovetop Melting Method” by putting a Pyrex measuring cup into a soup pot that is ¼ full of gently boiling water. Your ingredients will go in the Pyrex, which will be heated by the water.
  • Melt the beeswax in the Pyrex measuring cup.
  • Add the jojoba oil and melt.
  • Remove the blend from heat and add the essential oils stirring gently with a glass stirring rod or the handle of a stainless steel spoon.
    Pour the perfume into the 1 oz (30 ml) tins.
  • I think you’ll be glad you have three tins of this perfume!

Once you get started making your own perfumes, it can become a favorite hobby. Here’s another solid perfume recipe I created for YouTube, “Vanilla and Resins Solid Natural Perfume.”

You can follow the recipes as I share them (which I suggest if you’re new to making perfume), and then play with recipe adjustments, or even come up with your own unique, personalized scents.

Learn more about essential oils on the Oily Gal website: