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Vector Tank Solutions Launches New Website and Business

May 31

St. Louis, MO [May 2022] - Vector Tank Solutions would like to proudly announce the launch of their new website. The site shows off the company’s services in a clear, organized way. Those services are cleanly divided into inspections and environmental services. The inspections are gathered into two sections- one for the type of inspection needed like storage tanks and pressure vessels (which includes bullets, spheres, cokers, columns, and towers) and the other for the locations and buildings that will need an inspection, such as refineries and power plants. The environmental section is divided into two parts: industrial cleaning and tank removal.  Industrial cleaning ensures that tanks stay safe, operational, and compliant with regulations. Tank removal services cover tanks that are above or below ground. Vector Tank Solutions offers ultrasonic testing and there are already plans in progress to expand the site and include more information about this service. 


Vector Tank Solutions focuses on customer service and finding the best solution for their clients. Their small company size allows them to move faster than bigger companies.  They provide inspection services to all 50 states.  They also do ultrasonic, magnetic, and penetrant testing according to their SNT-TC-1A certification. They are partnered with STI SPFA, API, and PEI. 


Vector Tank Solutions is a brand new company as of 2022. They were formed when the current managing director and current inspection manager came together and had the idea that experienced, knowledgeable inspectors could serve customers on a personal level and offer unique, applicable solutions. Veteran-owned, they are certified as both American Petroleum Institute and Steel Tank Institute inspectors. Call them to schedule an inspection at 1-800-606-9120 or email them at [email protected] to request a quote.


Vector Tank Solutions

725 Kingsland Avenue

St. Louis MO 63130