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How do you take off the tint of your rear window

Aug 8


There's no one else who's ever thought about how to remove the tint on your rear windows. This article will help you understand how to get rid of unneeded tint from your rear windows , without impacting the look of your vehicle. It doesn't matter if your have a hazy or cracked tint. Be sure to follow the directions and utilize the hot air gun, trash bags, or Acetone.

Heat gun

It isn't easy to warm your back window tint. It is possible to take off the tint using the help of a heat gun however, only if it is not hot. Place the heat gun six inches away from the tint and then remove the film. It is essential not to heat the film excessively as the heating can damage the glass panel. Make use of a new blade with an edge that is straight to cut the film.

The WD40 cleaner is professional grade that can be applied to windows. Spray the WD40 on the window and then wipe it off with a rag. After that, wash the window. ATR adhesive remover may be utilized as well. It will eliminate the glue residue left behind after having applied the WD40. If you use a heat gun, make sure to follow the directions. Once you've removed the tint, it's time to wash the windows.


There are two methods to remove the tint on your rear windows. The first is to make use of a sponge from your home that contains soapy water. To break down the glue that tints you can apply an alcohol-based heat gun or a. The process can take some time to dry, so you'll need to apply soap water at least once every 20 minutes. Once the window is cleaned then you can clean it using an acetone-soaked towel.

Nail polish remover may also be applied to the glass. This technique is efficient in removing the residue of adhesive. It's not as effective at getting rid of tint. To get rid of glue that has accumulated it is better to employ a microfiber towel. To cleanse the glass, you can apply nail polish remover and hot soapy water. It can be used to get rid of adhesive residue off the glass's back.


Make a plastic bag and then spray water over it. To collect any water that might splash the tarp, put it on the deck in the rear. Spray ammonia and water onto the tint. Set the bag in the window. It will take about 30 minutes for the ammonia solution to soak into. It is possible to remove the tint remnants with a scraper made of non-metal when it has dried.

To get rid of any remnants of tint you can employ steel wool. Ammonia as well as commercial cleaners are also a possibility. Use protective equipment to ensure that your eyes do not come exposed to the chemical. Hairdryers can be utilized to stop lines from being scratched. Be cautious when applying of ammonia because it could result in damage to your vehicle's interior. When you have applied the ammonia, you must clean the glass thoroughly.

Trash bags

You can take off the tint of your rear windows by using the use of a plastic bag, a thick black garbage bag, or a similar substance. The bag must be large enough to cover the entire window. Spray the water onto the window, then put the bag on top of the tinted glasses. Be sure that the entire window is completely covered and that the tint is in contact with the window. You could use an tarp or plastic bag if it's extremely difficult to remove the tint.

To get rid of tint on windows, you can employ the heat gun. The use of a heat gun will quickly dry tinted windows, which makes it more effective than the sun. To stop the tint from drying out, ensure that you mist it with water. Prior to moving on to the next stage, be sure that the tint is completely gone. After you have taken away the tint it's possible to apply the new tint.

Rear defroster wires

There are many who has put tint on the back of your windows, but without taking off the grid for the defroster. This is a common mistake that is made by tint installers who aren't experienced. This is a common error that is made by new tint installers. It could result in harming the rear defroster. Here are some suggestions to assist you in removing the tint in a safe manner.

Take a look at the rear window prior to when you begin to determine how much film you'll need. Take measurements on both the sides, both on the top and bottom of the window. Also, you should eliminate any air bubbles that may be present in the window, which could create wrinkles on the tint film. Follow the instructions of the manufacturer when installing the tint film on your own. It is essential to ensure that the tinted film has been correctly installed if you're employing an expert. After you've done this, you're able to move on to the installation.

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