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The Reliable Marriage Counseling Retreats for Struggling Couples

Sep 28

Conflict arises in every marriage. For instance, conflicts about money can arise from time to time, but they can also stem from a lack of a healthy lifestyle. At An Affair Of The Heart, there are qualified counselors who offer Couples Therapy to help couples with all these issues. Therapy is typically not about assigning blame for relationship problems; rather, it’s about learning communication skills. 

Marriage retreats give partners the chance to spend days together without interruptions from kids, work, and more. Here are some motivating factors if you’re still unsure whether Marriage Counseling Retreats can benefit you and your partner.

If You Feel Distant

Most couples still don’t get along even after many years of marriage. Some married couples even fail to get intimate for years, which translates to a lost connection. They subsequently forget what brought them together, which in turn makes them lose interest in working on their marriage. Couples’ Therapy at An Affair Of The Heart can show you how to become closer to one another. 

Together, we will examine the issues that have caused this distance. Once your therapy sessions are over, you will find that you have enough reasons to continue working on your relationship. 

If You Argue Over Money Frequently

Most couples don’t know how to talk openly about money. There is even a stigma for women that make more money than their husbands in marriages, which causes an imbalance. As a result, most couples often tend to avoid money discussions. This may be due to different spending habits and conflicts about how to spend and prepare for retirement. 

The feelings of anxiety, envy, and resentment brought on by money are what causes the stress associated with money. Our therapists at An Affair Of The Heart Therapy Retreats will assist you in comprehending your relationship with money and how it affects your thinking. We’ll show you how to become more understanding of one another’s financial situations.

If Your Love Life Needs Work

For many couples, a lack of intimacy is a major factor in divorce. Most couples often cheat on their partners if they feel they are not fulfilled sexually. You can find a therapist who can help you explore your issues through couples counseling. Couples Counseling at An Affair Of The Heart entails engaging in a facilitated dialogue with a skilled therapist. 

The counselor can help you both feel more at ease when talking about personal matters. 


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