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Importance of having a Marijuana Card

Oct 14


A medical marijuana card can provide significant benefits for states in which cannabis is allowed for recreational use. As you are aware, 15 states have now legalized adult-use MMJ, and in the event of this, individuals stop obtaining their cannabis cards, however, the majority of patients do not opt for it because they miss out on paying lower costs or being able to purchase higher quantities than those who are over 18 with an ID that shows proof that say they're at least 21 years old (and even there are some restrictions).

Minimal Costs:

Medical marijuana is a better alternative to prescription medications and may also be cheaper over the long run. When states began legalizing medical cannabis, people have discovered that it could be cheaper than buying from recreational stores or websites like Leafly and Leafly, where prices are typically higher due to the tax burden on the product.

Medical marijuana patients in many states receive tax breaks when buying cannabis. The price of products for medical cardholders could be as low as 15% and includes sales tax, for recreational users, it's between 37-45%.

Limits on Higher Possession, purchase limits, and the capacity to grow marijuana:

California medical marijuana patients have greater access to cannabis than California recreational users. An MMJ cardholder can purchase up to 8 ounces of medical-grade marijuana per day, while recreational Consumers can only buy 1 ounce. But, of course, with this privilege comes responsibilities; because there's no way for them (or anyone) other than you! )to be aware of what your state permits or forbids in relation to possession limits before busting out an ounce of marijuana at home.

There are different rules in some states for medical and recreational marijuana users. For instance in Colorado there are only three plants that can be grown at a time by medicinal marijuana patients even though they are allowed to grow up to six total (3 mature and three immature). However, it is legal in some areas of America such as California, where marijuana use is still a subject of debate.

Lower Age Restrictions

Although it is illegal in all states to possess or use recreational cannabis, there are some exemptions for those with a prescription. In addition, younger patients can legally receive medical marijuana if they meet specific requirements and restrictions across the guidelines of their state's program. Every state has its own guidelines and rules regarding eligibility.

It is much more simple to travel out of the state

Some people travel to states that allow reciprocity for medical cannabis with their out-of-state marijuana card. This is useful for those who need to carry medical cannabis or require additional protection in the event in the event of an emergency.


At the moment 15 states have created a system that permits adults to legally buy and use marijuana without medical aid. When these new laws took effect in 2020 (or earlier! ) Many people who want access to marijuana but don't require it for medical reasons might end up not having marijuana cards, but those who do are missing out on some great advantages, such as paying less or buying larger quantities than anyone who has a marijuana card might obtain prior to legalization coming into play!

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