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Types of Medical Marijuana Products

Oct 7
What kinds of Marijuana Products Are Available?

After legalizing medical marijuana in Missouri it has been made freely available in many forms that can be used in different ways. Why is there so many options? The medical marijuana patient has a lot of options. It's a bit like taking prescription drugs. One size does not fit all. Let's examine a few medical marijuana options and discuss how patients can benefit the most from them.

The Flower

It is the dried, cultivated flower of cannabis. The dried flower is then rolled into a cigar or pipe and smoked. It is more than just a plant. There are differences in how the cannabis plant is grown and dried. These differences can lead to varying outcomes for patients who decide to smoke marijuana.

There are both benefits and drawbacks to using medical marijuana in flowers form. There are many upsides to medical marijuana in flower form. They can be quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and have a quicker effect. This is because the percentage of cannabinoids in the system that are released is greater than when they're consumed through other methods.

The downsides of smoking cannabis include the need to use special equipment, such as a bong or pipe, and rolling papers. Medical marijuana patients should be aware of the fact that the positive effects from smoking marijuana don't last for as long as other forms of medical cannabis.


In edible form, medical marijuana is also a popular way to experience its effects. The 60's hippie movement introduced the idea of making brownie batter from marijuana. This allowed the user to feel high and satisfied the desire to snack. Many edible forms of cannabinoids today include butter, popcorn, mints and various candies.

This method of consuming medical cannabis has many benefits and drawbacks. There are options for patients who can't smoke tobacco, such as edible forms medical marijuana. You don't need any special equipment to use this form. It also gives you peace of mind that one knows exactly how much cannabis is being consumed.


These are just a few of the many problems with medical marijuana. Most edibles contain sugar (or a lot of sugar), artificial flavorings, and colorings. Patients with diabetes, as well as those who are sensitive to artificial dyes and other ingredients, may find these less appealing. These ingredients can be tolerated well by patients who are able to eat them. The effectiveness of the edibles can take between 30-60 minutes. This may be an option for patients who have qualifying medical conditions and require more immediate benefit.

Patches and Tinctures

For patients suffering from chronic pain or other ailments, a salve or tincture of medical marijuana may be preferred. These tinctures are able to be used directly at the source of the issue. Also, the dosage can be measured so the patient is fully aware of how much CBD is being used.

You can use salves or tinctures as often as you need to manage your symptoms better. However, initially it may take up to 45 min for a salves or tinture to work. It is not fattening, and blood sugar will stay the same.

It is possible to use patches to inject cannabinoids continuously into the bloodstream as needed. However, the effects can only be felt after about 30 to 45 minutes. The patch can be removed when the patient no longer requires the benefits.



THC-free capsules can be used to consume cannabinoids. They are preferred by patients who do not want to feel high and are worried about being tested positive for THC. This is the most convenient way to inhale cannabinoids. It also measures the dosage, which provides added peace of mind for the patient.

NOTE You must obtain your Missouri Medical Marijuana Card to legally use medical marijuana within the state of Missouri. You are strongly encouraged to obtain a Missouri certification doctor's license.