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Infrared Therapy For Neuropathy Is A Natural

Dec 19

Infrared therapy for neuropathy is a non-invasive treatment for neuropathy. It uses specific wavelengths of red and near infrared light to stimulate cellular activity and promote healing in the body. This approach reduces pain and improves nerve function, enhancing quality of life.

While a number of factors can contribute to the development of neuropathy, it’s typically caused by chronic inflammation or damage to nerve cells. The good news is that both of these conditions can be treated with a combination of medication and drug-free home remedies like infrared therapy.

A growing body of research shows that red and near-infrared light can improve neuropathy symptoms by restoring normal functioning to damaged nerves, reducing pain, boosting blood flow, decreasing inflammation, and improving skin health. This type of therapy has been proven to be safe for most people and can significantly improve quality of life.

The key is to find a light therapy device that offers both the right wavelengths, as well as the correct intensity to produce results in the body. The most effective products will offer both red and near infrared wavelengths, and provide a large area of coverage on the body to target all affected areas. AMMC offers the best solution, delivering the optimal combination of five red and near infrared wavelengths to deliver maximum results.

What is the best neuropathy light therapy?

The most important consideration for neuropathy is that it helps to restore normal nerve cell function and rebalance the communication between the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system. In order to accomplish this, it’s critical to activate both Schwann cells and fibroblasts, which are key to the regeneration of healthy nerve tissue. Infrared Therapy is one of the most powerful options available to achieve this goal, as it has been shown to increase cellular energy production and decrease pain by stimulating both of these key cells.

Studies also show that Infrared Therapy reduces oxidative stress, which can cause damage to nerve cells and the surrounding tissue. It does so by enhancing blood flow, increasing nutrient delivery, and reducing inflammation, all of which can help to ease nerve pain.

Many patients experience significant relief from their nerve pain with red light therapy, although it is important to understand that it will take time and commitment for the treatment to become effective. This is especially true for patients with more severe forms of neuropathy. It is also important to seek professional guidance and recommendations for the most effective home treatment option.

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